Terms & Conditions

1.- In order to access the services the terms and conditions must be accepted.

2.- The services provided by this website is the access to the maps and information defined as Stepstorya.

3.- The payment is made only by this website through the shopping cart.

The user will have access for an indefinite period of time to the services once the payment has been made.

5.-The Good Way Company is not responsible for any accident of any kind, for any cause and with any result that may occur during the user’s journey.

6.-There is a 30 day cancellation and refund period from the time of purchase.

7.-The user accesses the Stepstorya by downloading the map from this website. You will be given access to them once you have communicated your email address.

8.-In case of any incident you should contact us via email or via whatsapp.

9.-To request a refund you must send an email or whatsapp to our contact.

10.-In case of dispute the courts of Spain will govern.

¿Alguna duda?
¿Alguna duda?