In The Good Way Company we have realised something very important: travellers’ problems are always the same when they visit a city for the first time:

  • Disappointment for not having reached the most special places and sites.
  • Moments of discomfort for “not knowing where to go and which way to go“.
  • Frustation of being caught in Tourist Traps: low quality and high priced places.

Well, now you will not only be able to avoid them,

But you will also enjoy the city like an expert.

And all because we have designed a new method of travel: Stepstorya.



Further down you will find, you have a download area. Just download and open your Stepstorya on your phone.


By clicking on the icons you have information and know how to get there.


With our advice you won’t feel lost or disappointed.

When you are in the city, you will know where you are at all times. And where to go.

And you’ll also discover great places.

Here is a video explaining how to handle your Stepstorya once you downloaded it:

Now just choose your next destination and enjoy!

Any doubt?
Any doubt?